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PLEXIGLAS® General Product Information FAQs

Listed here are questions we frequently get related to general product information such as color information and availability, warranty, dimensional tolerances, and more. In most of the answers you can download a document for more information.

General Product Information FAQs

PLEXIGLAS® G 3063 P95 acrylic sheet. This gives the sheet the appearance of a black sheet during the day time (when NOT backlit) and the appearance of a white sheet at night when backlit with white light source.

PLEXIGLAS® G cast acrylic sheet is recommended for all aquarium or tank window applications. It is not recommended to use PLEXIGLAS® MC acrylic sheet due to the high rate of moisture absorption and saturation.

Complete PLEXIGLAS® MC and PLEXIGLAS® Frosted acrylic sheet color charts and additional Pantone colors are available upon request.

PLEXIGLAS® MC is manufactured in Louisville, KY United States of America. 

As manufactured, the flatness tolerance of PLEXIGLAS® G sheet depends on the long dimension. This allowance is based on ASTM D-4802, Section 5.6.1.

The thickness tolerance for most colorless PLEXIGLAS® MC sheet is -5% / +10%. As manufactured, the flatness tolerance of PLEXIGLAS® MC sheet depends on the long dimension.

Trinseo does not offer any warranty for colored PLEXIGLAS® acrylic sheet due to the variability of performance based on geographical location.

Information on temperature and humidity bowing, water and oxygen permeability and the water absorption curve for PLEXIGLAS® G is available upon request. Please contact your representative for more information.

PLEXIGLAS® sheet offers sound loss characteristics that are equal to or better than those of glass. Since PLEXIGLAS® sheet is also more resistant to breakage, it can be used as a transparent sound barrier to reduce noise levels and increase safety at the same time.

The PLEXIGLAS® family of acrylic sheet products have a proven ability to withstand the effects of weather, sun, and a wide range of temperatures in outdoor use.

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