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Chemical Resistance

PMMA Chemical Resistance - ALTUGLAS™ Acrylic Resins

ALTUGLAS™ chemical resistant resins offer a unique set of properties: all the exceptional advantages of PMMA combined with greater chemical resistance against various damaging agents to increase its lifespan. Our acrylic resins are available in glossy and textured versions providing also good impact resistance. They are able to meet typical standards such as EN13559 for the sanitary ware market. These products can be adapted to injection molding and extrusion processes.


This grade offers outstanding performance with high transparency, excellent scratch resistance and superior chemical resistance, while continuing to meet your need for durability and aesthetics.

ALTUGLAS™ CR-8 clear

This grade is an impact-modified PMMA with excellent chemical resistance.

ALTUGLAS™ CR-8 Supermatt

The ALTUGLAS™ CR-8 Super Matt grade is a new textured chemical-resistant grade, specially designed for co-extrusion applications.

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