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A high light reflectivity rate, good UV resistance, and excellent heat resistance – these are some of the performance benefits that TRINSEO CELEX™ Polycarbonate Resins from Trinseo bring to lighting and electrical applications.

Trinseo’s polycarbonate resins, including TRINSEO CELEX™ Resins, offer a combination of attributes. Sought after by manufacturers in the lighting industry, our high-quality polycarbonate blends and compounds are designed for LED lighting and electrical applications that require various diffusion and transmission levels, impact levels, colors, and flammability ratings.

Suitable for different processing methods and a wide range of applications, TRINSEO CELEX™ Resins offer a sustainable lighting solution. Get in touch with a Trinseo expert to find out more.

CELEX™ Resins (Asia Pacific)

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