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ALTUGLAS™ R-LIFE, Sustainable Acrylic Solution

ALTUGLAS™ R-Life Resins

The ALTUGLAS™ R-LIFE is a family of injection grade acrylic resins with broad applicability in several industries industry. The family of products are made with either chemically (minimum 50% rMMA) or mechanically (35% pre-consumer recycled PMMA) recycled feedstocks (ISO 14021), to perfectly meet the challenges of each application.

ALTUGLAS™ R-Life Resins provide comparable performance to a virgin material:

  • Optical quality (high light-transmittance)
  • Highest clarity, colorless: best solution for thick wall applications
  • High weathering and UV resistance (no need of coating)
  • Low weight (50% lighter than glass)
  • Easy to process (injection molding, extrusion)
  • The product has the potential to be recycled multiple times


  • Automotive & Transportation
  • Building & Construction
  • Home & Household Appliance
  • General Lighting
  • Consumer Goods & Design

PMMA has the potential to be infinitely recyclable

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