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Sustainable Workforce

Trinseo’s future success lies in making investments in our employees today, because developing our workforce now is required for building the strong and capable leaders of tomorrow.

In order to accomplish this, we work with our employees to develop and implement personalized career plans based on their professional goals.

To align with this professional growth strategy, we invest in training and new programs for our employees to create and maintain an environment that welcomes a broad range of diverse talents and fosters a culture of collaboration and inclusion. Through strategic workforce planning, we can better understand our current and future capability needs and identify opportunities for employee development that align with their professional goals.

Our values are centered around community service, environmental protection, safety, innovation, commitment to customers, and sustainability. Environmental, health, and safety are among our highest-priority values, which means that every decision we make prioritizes the safety of our people, our communities, and the environment.

Sustainable Workforce is just one part of our 2030 Sustainability Goals, which together will help us achieve a more sustainable future for our company and the communities we serve.

2030 Sustainability Goals

Our culture is brought to life by the people who are passionate about Trinseo, and our Sustainable Workforce goals reflect the inclusive, diversified environment we want to foster in our offices and facilities.

We are broadening this goal to diversify recruitment beyond gender to include ethnicity, veteran status, disability, and more.
We are establishing effective and equitable learning and development strategies for the unique needs of both our manufacturing and office staff.
In 2021, Trinseo maintained its 0.28 injury rate while integrating our two new polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) businesses. As part of this integration, safety standards for these businesses were evaluated against our eight safety pillars in order to create consistent environmental, health, and safety expectations across our Company.

Trinseo's 2022 Sustainability Report

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