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Consumer Electronics

Proven Materials for Consumer Electronics Applications

Trinseo brings consumer electronics manufacturers an exciting palette of polycarbonate and advanced resins that delivers the processability, functionality, and style that are so critical in this market.

With decades of experience in the consumer electronics industry, Trinseo enjoys a unique perspective. We are able to recognize and react quickly to trends and work closely with customers – collaborating with a strong understanding of their business.

Person checking their heart rate on their smart watch while looking at their smart phone.

From applications ranging from smart phones to flat panel TVs to laser printers, we have the high-quality, proven products and global production capabilities to help our customers succeed around the world.

For consumer electronics applications, we offer:

  • Polycarbonate (PC) blends
  • PC compounds
  • PC films
  • Glass-filled PC
  • Ignition-resistant PC
  • Post-consumer recycled plastics

Pascal Lakeman on e-Waste

Watch Trinseo Global Research & Development Director, Pascal Lakeman comment on the future of eWaste and recycling.

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