This is Trinseo
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About Trinseo

This is Trinseo

Connecting ideas with solutions.

Trinseo is a specialty material solutions provider that partners with companies to bring ideas to life in an imaginative, smart and sustainability-focused manner. Combining premier expertise, future-focused innovations and best-in-class materials, Trinseo unlocks value for companies and consumers alike.

From design to manufacturing, Trinseo taps into decades of experience in diverse material solutions to address our customers’ unique challenges across a wide range of industries, including building and construction, consumer goods, medical and mobility.

Since the beginning, Trinseo has continued to grow its capabilities through the acquisition of additional businesses and assets across the globe. Trinseo’s employees bring endless creativity to reimagining the possibilities with clients all over the world from the company’s locations in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

A heritage steeped in innovation, experience & vision.

Our success continues to grow from our ongoing collaboration with our partners in developing industry-leading material solutions.

Trinseo at a glance

  • Net sales of $3.7 billion (2023)
  • Approximately 3,100 employees
  • 22 manufacturing sites globally
  • 11 R&D facilities
  • Four business segments:
    • Latex Binders
    • Engineered Materials
    • Plastics Solutions
    • Polystyrene

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Trinseo Corporate Overview Presentation

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Our core values

Responsible Care®
As a Responsible Care® company, we prioritize the health and safety of our employees and our communities. We strive to meet or exceed the highest standards of environmental and safety performance.

Respect and integrity
We treat each other, our customers and our stakeholders with respect and dignity. We conduct all business activities with the highest ethical standards and fully comply with the law everywhere we operate.

Accountability and value creation
We believe that speed and agility combined with good decision-making create value. We take ownership and accountability for our company's success.

We believe that innovation is essential to the growth of our business and our customers. Trinseo’s innovation is powered by our advanced technology and the creativity of our people.

Commitment to customers
We are committed to our customers’ success, delivering value through our personalized service, innovative solutions and technology.

Our promise

Trinseo was built on seven decades of technological leadership, and a unique combination of marketplace knowledge, world-class production assets and ingenuity. Our vision, values and commitment to sustainability are our promise to conscientiously maintain ethical standards towards what we do and how we do it.

Our vision

We will be the global leader in driving specialty and sustainable material solutions across all markets we impact.

We will achieve this vision through:

  • People – Our ability to attract, develop and retain outstanding talent
  • Technology – Our investments in technology and product innovations that drive our growth
  • Customers – Our passion for creating value through innovation, agility and an unrelenting focus on our customers

Dedicated to a sustainable future

Trinseo recognizes the long sustainability journey ahead and is inspired by the global challenges we can work with our customers to solve. Our commitment to sustainability is a challenge we accepted on day one, and it continues to shape everything we do.

We’re taking actionable steps in becoming a global leader, driving sustainable materials solutions that will require our investment in reducing emissions, developing a sustainable product portfolio, committing to supplier responsibility, evolving responsible operations and fostering a sustainable workforce. Trinseo remains dedicated to its investment in affordable and clean energy, responsible consumption and production, cultivation of key partnerships and climate action initiatives.

As a signatory to the Responsible Care® Guiding Principles, Trinseo is committed to:

  • Continuously improving our company’s performance related to health, safety and the environment
  • Communicating with stakeholders about our products and processes
  • Managing our products in a safe and sustainable manner and encouraging our suppliers and customers to join our efforts
  • Maintaining a robust Ethics and Compliance program

Footnote: Responsible Care® is a registered service mark of the American Chemistry Council in the United States.

Trinseo is a member of several industry trade associations around the world.

By participating in industry associations, we gain knowledge about how to continuously improve our environment, health and safety programs while developing the best products possible for our customers. Trinseo’s affiliations also provide an opportunity to shape industry positions on issues and public policy. Key partners like the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and Plastics Europe allow us to leverage global experience to evolve our products and solve unique challenges.

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