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Artificial Turf

Industry Overview

Trinseo’s Latex Binders for Artificial Turf – An Ingredient for Great Soccer

As a pioneer in the industry, Trinseo’s best-in-class styrene butadiene latexes put you ahead of the game in the production of quality artificial turf for playing fields, as well as residential and landscaped spaces. Our teams will collaborate with you to deliver technology and solutions designed to meet your unique needs with materials that enhance safety, durability, and appearance on the field.

With over 70 years of latex binders experience, our specialized solutions offer superior Inner Tuft Lock properties and good wetting of polypropylene backing, as well as better performance in cohesive and adhesive strength, dimensional stability, flexibility, water impermeability, and efflorescence resistance. Building on a foundation of strong local support and regional understanding, we leverage our global binders technology to address your specific material needs.

Sustainable innovation is our priority, and we are one of the few organizations able to produce latex binders for artificial turf in compliance with low-VOC industry requirements for worldwide exports to Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. We are committed to supporting you with future-focused solutions that reduce overall environmental impact while growing opportunities for your business.

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