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Vinyl Acrylic LIGOS™ Binders

Vinyl acrylic LIGOS™ binders from Trinseo provide reliable performance for a variety of industries.

Our vinyl acrylic (VA) latex binders are designed to meet your unique needs across a variety of applications for paper & board and coatings. As a global industry leader with decades of experience, our VA binders can help bring your bold ideas to life.

Our VA LIGOS™ solutions for the paper & board industry are designed for applications containing dark fiber substrates, such as coated recycled board and unbleached kraft board. These binders offer enhanced performance properties for paper & board applications including:

  • Exceptional brightness
  • Strong fiber coverage
  • Great glueability
  • Excellent runnability on conventional coaters and curtain coaters

Our VA binder portfolio also includes solutions for the paint & coatings industry, which can be formulated to achieve specific performance criteria, such as gloss levels, based on the application’s requirement—giving you an opportunity to utilize this chemistry in several applications.

Premium performance properties that drive innovative design include:

  • Excellent scrub resistance
  • Ease of washability
  • Exceptional durability
  • Spectacular sag and leveling requirements
  • Great formulation latitude

As a trusted solutions provider, we are continuously innovating our Latex Binders portfolio to offer innovative chemistries that solve your toughest challenges.

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