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Supplier Purchasing Ethics

At Trinseo, ethical considerations are integrated into how we conduct our business.

Separating the Buy/Sell Relationship Reciprocity is illegal in several countries. Any activity that involves an agreed-upon reciprocal buy/sell relationship will not be tolerated at Trinseo and is grounds for termination of the contract with the supplier. Trinseo solicits proposals from existing and potential suppliers, including supply proposals by our customers.

Under normal circumstances, a customer will not be offered a supply position where it is not in Trinseo's best interest from a purchasing perspective.

Conflict of Interest
Trinseo employees live by the rule that they should avoid any activity, investment, or interest that might reflect unfavorably upon the integrity or good name of the company or of themselves. They are obligated to place Trinseo’s interest in any business transaction ahead of any personal interest or personal gain to either themselves or to their spouse, family member, or other individual.

All Trinseo employees shall specifically avoid any conflict of interest by discouraging suppliers from offering gifts and invitations to entertainment events.

A conflict of interest may also arise when an employee or family member has a direct or indirect personal or financial interest in any Trinseo supplier, partner, competitor, or customer, where such interest could influence Trinseo’s dealings with such supplier, partner, competitor, or customer.

For additional information, review the Trinseo Code of Business Conduct.