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Sustainable Product Portfolio

Trinseo’s mission is to deliver technology and solutions that power creative, bold ideas.

As a global specialty materials and sustainable solutions provider, we continue to demonstrate how our materials are intrinsic to the lives of so many, serving high-growth end markets including automotive, building and construction, consumer electronics, footwear, and health care.

An essential element of our innovation is focused on developing and delivering sustainable solutions and striving for less reliance on fossil fuels. Across all businesses, this is a driving force behind our R&D efforts. Our approach to sustainable innovation is centered on energy and waste management, eco-based product design, the development of bio-products, pursuing advancements in mechanical and chemical recycling, and establishing the means to fully close the loop on circularity. Our product development aligns with global trends, such as light-weighting cars while maintaining safety and strength, sustainable living and housing, and lifesaving medical devices.

In 2021, our sustainable product portfolio expanded due to our innovative investments, with 43% of our technology and R&D efforts aimed at circular economy solutions. This work has led to 5% of our product sales being sustainably advantaged.

Our Sustainable Product Portfolio goals are just one part of our 2030 Sustainability Goals, which together will help us achieve a more sustainable future for our company and the communities we serve.

2030 Sustainability Goals

Our Sustainable Product Portfolio is driven by innovation as we continue to discover new sustainable possibilities for plastics and latex binders.

Trinseo exceeded this goal in 2021 by allocating 43% of our technology and R&D efforts toward circular solutions. We are evaluating this goal to make appropriate revisions and continue to build an infrastructure that supports a circular economy.
We are investing in innovative technologies to support the infrastructure development for this goal. As a result of these efforts, we increased our percentage of sustainably advantaged products in 2021 to nearly 5% of our product portfolio sales.
Trinseo continues to align our product portfolio innovation with the SDG that target energy consumption, materials consumption and disposal, climate and the environment, and global partnerships. You can find more information about these goals on our SDG webpage.

Trinseo's 2022 Sustainability Report

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