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August 29, 2022

Delivering Solutions Through Customer Relationships

As a fiber bonding materials manufacturer, it is important to establish collaborative relationships with customers to ensure we offer solutions that meet their needs. In the last 15 years, customers have been focused on adjusting fiber bonding chemistries to reduce or eliminate VOC emissions and formaldehyde from the binder, as often dictated by governments. Additionally, product innovation has continued to spur new uses and standards. As a result, customers have continued to request materials that address industry- and regional-specific challenges.

At Trinseo, customers are our top priority as we work with them to develop solutions to their biggest fiber bonding challenges.

Automotive Innovation

A prime example of how customer-centric innovation can enhance a project is Trinseo’s successful development of a styrene acrylic binder for cellulose-based automotive air and fuel filters, which was optimized to meet the customer’s unique needs.

Before air moves into the car’s interior or engine, it goes through filters to trap dust and water droplets, preventing them from infiltrating the cab’s air or the engine. For this demanding application, Trinseo added LIGOS™ 9032 to its portfolio of LIGOS™ binders, a diverse family of synthetic latex binders. With a name meaning “to bind,” LIGOS™ not only acknowledges the performance and strength of the technology behind the name, but also underscores the strength of our connection and commitment to our customers and the industry.

With this project, were able to eliminate formaldehyde from our chemistry while keeping the VOCs at an extremely low level. This is particularly important for air filters, as the customer needed a fiber bonding solution that would not impact the quality of the air inside the vehicle. We could develop and launch this new binder quickly thanks to our proximity with our customer and our latex expertise and science-based approach.

Through our proven technologies and customer relationships, we have produced a latex that meets their unique needs and addresses some of the biggest challenges of the industry.

Durable Footwear

Another example is our long-standing work with fashion and footwear customers, in which we manufacture customized solutions that are sustainable and durable and are designed to meet customers’ unique needs. A key component of this is our fiber bonding technology, which is vital to creating durable, high-quality footwear. Leading manufacturers have been turning to Trinseo for years to deliver stiffeners and thermo-moldable polymers for insoles, heels, and other parts of the supportive structure that have low odor and low VOC levels.

Global Company, Local Presence

As a global company, Trinseo has the proven, high-performance technology to work with customers on projects for new chemistries and products. Our global footprint also means that we have strong local manufacturing and technical support that uniquely positions us to offer the flexibility and responsiveness of a small company with global reach for tailored solutions. Through Trinseo’s global footprint, we are in an excellent position to address the biggest trends in fiber bonding applications. With facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia, Trinseo can work with companies of all sizes to meet their material needs.

Customer relationships are the foundation of our business. Solving for your industry’s solutions is just another day at the office for us. We are solution seekers for our customers and deliver unparalleled results through innovation and collaboration.